The law firm offers an expertise in Criminal Law and related areas, such as Tax law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Environmental Law. A deep knowledge of all the above mentioned normative is a fundamental requisite in order to guarantee an adequate advisory and legal defence in criminal proceedings. For such purpose, the law firm has established a wide national and international network, collaborating with expert lawyers and consultants in the relevant professional areas.
The elevated professionalism of the team is a major strength of the law firm. As the evolution of the norms tends towards an extended and articulated structure, that implies a solid background of every single area, all the members of the firm are experienced lawyers in their fields, offering an over ten-years of highly qualified legal practice.
The activity is carried on principally in Rome, but it also relies on the permanent collaboration with other legal firms located in Italy and abroad.
Particular attention and care is dedicated to issues concerning the enforcement of custodial penalties, extradition, European Warrant of Arrest, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.