An avvocato in Italy since 2015, and an attorney in the U.S. since 2004, currently in The Hague, where she works inInternational Criminal, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law.

In 2010 she opened a practice, primarily in International Extradition and defensive Asylum. She consults authorities in the U.S. on active extraditions, alternatively, she defends the extraditee in collaboration with Of Counsel. Further, she advises foreign counsel on U.S. law in passive extraditions during foreign trial proceedings, and on the collection and evaluation of evidence, comparing the substantive crimes and criminal procedures.

Since 2015, she consults as Of Counsel on European Arrest Warrants and on criminal applications before the European Court of Human Rights.

Further, she defends against the immigration consequences of criminal activity internal to the U.S. as well as criminal offenses occurring in foreign States, resolving the underlying crimes, with particular attention to the comparison of substantive and procedural criminal provisions in presenting criminal and hardship waivers before various U.S. consular posts worldwide.

Ms. Montefusco was read into the Senate Journal by the Massachusetts State Senate, receiving the 2016 Senate Citation in recognition of her work in human trafficking.

Her human rights work, both as a governmental and legislative consultant, focuses on human trafficking for sexual exploitation, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, female genital mutilation, and torture.

Concentrating on these human rights violations, she defends against deportation in the quasi-criminal U.S. federal court system for defensive asylum, and in Italian offensive asylum procedures.

She has represented clients from the U.S., the Russian Federation, the Balkan States, Eastern, and Western Europe as well as Mexico, and Central, and S. America.

She is preparing her Ph.D studies in PIL: ICL on Aut Dedere Aut Judicare - The Obligation to Extradite or Prosecute in International Criminal Law with Obligatio Erga Omnes and Jus Cogens Norms: Terrorism, Torture, Trafficking.

She earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the Univ. of Maine School of Law (2004), doctorate paper Maine’s Appointment of Counsel Standard in Indigent Misdemeanor Cases, and an Honors B.A. from the Univ. of Utah (2001) in Sociology, thesis Comparative Constitutionality between the Death Penalty and the Terminally Ill’s Right to Medically Assisted Suicide and Criminology, paper Criminalistic Developments: The Post-Conviction De Novo Trial Based on Newly Discovered Exculpatory Evidence.

Ms. Montefusco is mother tongue English, fluent in Italian, has a professional working knowledge of French, a limited working knowledge of Spanish and limited usage of Russian.

Practice Areas

Her practice areas are International Criminal, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law as well as International Extradition and Asylum Law.

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