The law firm takes in charge the defence for both passive extradition procedures ( from Italy ) and active extradition procedures ( towards Italy) with continuous jurisprudential updates trough the most recent sentences and pronouncements of the Italian Supreme Court and the European Court for Human Rights.

As for the defence within passive extradition ( foreign extradition request) the recipient will be receive assistance before the Appeals Court and during the eventual following judgement of the Italian Supreme Court, with particular care in case of personal precautionary measure .

Moreover, in case of active extradition (extradition request from the Italian Authority) the preparation of the most suitable judicial activity addressed to the opposition to personal precautionary measure applied before the trial. In case of an absent by default definitive condemn, the twenty-year experience acquired in the area of criminal rendition will allow the defender to embrace all the procedures to granting new time limits or directed to the declaration of non enforceability of criminal judgements and decrees, with the following revocation of the enforcement of the custodial penalties. Under the circumstances of in absentia proceedings of the accused( introduced in April 2014) the annulment of the passed final judgement can be requested, if all the legal conditions are given.

However , the foreseeable rendition of the term of imprisonment in Italy will be facilitated (detention regime, rendition location, possibility of requesting alternative terms to the custodial penalty ), facing which expert opinion and consultancies about life conditions within the Italian prisons can be produced, in particular, regarding the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment also combined to the penitentiary benefits access-blocking crimes.
Particular care is referred to the assistance in extradition procedures from and towards Italy for former U.R.S.S. citizens thanks to the permanent collaboration with the lawyer Lucas Maria Carlodalatri, who offers a great knowledge of Russian and extended experience in the above mentioned area.

The same activity is provided when there is a request of arrest based on European Arrest Warrant.