The law firm offers an extended experience regarding the issues concerning the execution of custodial penalties taking place afterwards the final judgement interacting, domestically and internationally, with the Enforcement Office of the Public Prosecutor of all the Courts and the belonging Supervisory Penitentiary Magistrate.

In particular the law firm has expertise in suspension of enforcement of a custodial penalties, calculation on precautionary detention and penalties served without judgement, application of the rules on concurrent and continued offences, security measures, conditional release, rehabilitation.

Moreover, the collaboration with associations, social cooperatives and other stakeholders, facilitates all the aspects related to the rendition of a custodial penalty aiming to the admission of the condemned to alternative measures of detention (foster within social services, therapeutic foster, suspension of the enforcement for severe illness, house detention, daily work outside prison), both from freedom and detained condition, with the objective of social and job reinsertion also through the assignation of the detainee to external work based on article 21 of the Italian Penitentiary Legal System ( law 26th of July 1975 n. 354).